Friday, May 10, 2013

What is meant by "backdoor process for getting in to MNCs"? How to handle the that?

What is meant by "backdoor process for getting in to MNCs"? How to handle that?

Nowadays this is the word being spread out all over the internet among freshers especially. 

What does it mean ?
Why it is termed as backdoor?

As defined by some aspired job seekers (Freshers), Backdoor process means, paying a lump sum amount as commitment for getting a job offer in MNCs (sometimes without attending an interview).

What actually is meant by backdoor?

If anyone asks the above question to google, the first answer says backdoor means trap door.
Trap is nothing but getting caught yourself as others prey. the same what happening in all the backdoor entries. 

Papajobs have done a thorough investigation to know the truth behind backdoor process. 
when we surf around internet we were really shocked to see announcement like this.

Backdoor jobs in CTS:


2011,2012 passed outs only

60% must in 10th,inter ,



1 Week Process

Interested candidates send your CV's to

and mention company name like "Regarding CTS job" 

payment will be after receiving the offer letter from the company..

When this is illegal , how dare they give make an announcement like this, in a forum which has about 50k visitors every month?
Its all because of freshers who is very desperate to get in to an job, no matter in whatever way it comes. 

We met a guy, who had been cheated by these backdoor idiots.
From a poor family, a 2010 MCA passout, he was unable to get in to job till 2012. Tried hard but no positive results. Then he saw an announcement about a backdoor entry. He decided to move on. That announcement promised to get him a job in CTS, he contacted them, and met them in person. "They are a consultancy firm, they asked me to pay 25k initially then remaining 1.25L after getting offer letter" he says.. He paid the initial amount, and still he is waiting to get into a job, with some stupid reason from those people, 
"There is no opening for 2010 passouts so you have to wait"
"Recession time "
Still he dint get a job and also his money back. 

Just think why should you pay money for getting a job? when you paid more than enough for your studies. 
If u have enough money, just invest in developing your skills, be a skilled person then jobs will mount on you.
For example:
Computer science students can do java or .net courses.
Mech students can very well do a Auto cad course.

Don't believe people who is asking you to pay
TCS, CTS, Infosys are spending crores to hire freshers and to train them, do you think is it easy for you to get a job by paying 2L to an unknown thief? MNCs will never encourage this., even you manage to get in to a job by backdoor, you will get fired immediately when they came to know about this.
Ultimately your marks and skills will get you good job not your money.

Please share with your friends, alert them not to get in to backdoor(TRAP DOOR).