Thursday, May 2, 2013

Best Tips for Freshers who did not got placed in Campus Recruitment's and looking for job opportunities

Best Tips for Freshers who did not got placed in Campus Recruitment's and looking for job opportunities:

1.First take a proper and smart decision whether you want to go for government jobs or core side or IT(Software).
2. Based upon the above decision make a strategy on the track you have selected.
3. For example if you have decided to go on IT. Select a proper course based upon your stamina or skill set. Take a course which is having more job opportunity's rather than having less opportunity's, other wise it will take lot of time for you in getting Job.
4. Take the course in Hyderabad where there are good skilled professionals are training with less fees. Do not believe some non skilled training centres and waste your time. Commit yourself with strong dedication by accommodating yourself in SRNagar or Ameerpet. Utilise the lab properly because due to heavy competency now project teams are expecting resources to be highly smart practical knowledge not theory. You need to be something special in Market.
5. While the course getting completed, take guidance and prepare resume and upload in job portals like Naukari and Monster.
6. Vacate Hyderabad and leave to Bangalore which shows you lot of opportunitys. Do not waste most of your time in Hyderabad as there are more opportunitys in blr.
7. Most important thing do not trust some one will give you job offer like your brother or family member or Back dore. Even though you got such a job it would not last forever. Very soon u will be removed. Hardwork only will last forever.
8. Try and try one day comes to you even you fail 20 or n interviews. Based upon the interview experience your day comes one special day your all efforts or hard work would not be invain. You will be placed. Last but not the least do not loose hope on yourself.
9.Last but lot the least do not think of salary, even it is less salary take the offer. You will learn good knowledge in small companys which will help you furthur.

These inputs were given based upon the experience and success of my several friends who settled very well today with their smart and hard work.