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3 Things should be built for yourself – 2013

3 Things should be built for yourself – 2013

As the year 2013 well known to all because fall in IT recruitment and as well as economy rate as slow down.

No big companies like TCS, WIPRO, CTS, INFOSYS etc….. not approached to recruit the fresher’s. Some big companies are fired out few employees because of global-economical fall. Even some 2012 pass out are searching for jobs.

Well, no problem you have time and energy to build yourself and keep attacking and finally what I mean to say that just “don’t give up”.

But you guys just keep on attacking and try to update and learn new things.

Don’t join the courses which are familiar:

After completion of B-Tech everyone rush to institute and joins some course. Even some people don’t know what is the use of that course and simply joins. If you ask the question to people why you have joined these courses there answers may be like this

Person1: My senior told me to join.

Person2: I feel it is easy because while I am doing my major project (because drag & drop in .NET they don’t know coding behind that)

Person3: I got more marks in JAVA. So I have joined.

Person4: This kind of person will follow the major opinion/poll & update what others are doing.

My suggestion is that don’t blindly follow what other saying you need to think differently.

My opinion is that to learn basic programs & interview questions

I have listed some course which is different

            1)    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

            2)    TIBCO 

            3)    ANDROID

            4)    SAP

Be prepared for 2 things:

Yeah, if you are sound in technical but you not good at aptitude then you’re gone.

Initially, in every company the elimination process starts from aptitude. So, you need to prepare well in all the ways. Prepare different things like Quantitative, Analytical, Reasoning, Sequence & Series etc. 

You need to prepare at-least 1 hour per day so that you can easily get through the 1st process. You need to prepare in such a way that your able to do at-least 60% of question paper.

Second thing is that you need to prepare English. This plays a vital role. Even though if you are not good at technical, no problem you can manage through your communication skills. You need to develop Interpersonal skills and you need to be confident.

Minimum you need to prepare some basic questions that are

          a)    Tell me something about yourself?

          b)    How much salary you’re expecting?

          c)    Are you willing to Re-locate?

          d)    Are you ready to work in any platform?

          e)    Are you willing to work in any shifts?

          f)     How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

          g)    Strengths and weakness (that should be genuine)

          h)    If your 2012/2011 passed out, you need to face what you have done for past one/two year[s].             

          i)     Why should I hire you? 
                         [Download Answers For Above Questions  Here]

Establish your own connections:

In IT field if you like to survive for longer time, you need to establish connection with different people.

Initially, you need to find the friends in your circle those who are doing jobs and keep in touch with them. You need to en-quire about current openingsin their respective organizations and keep forwarding your updated resumeto them. Not only that you need to establish connections with different people like friends of friends, brother’s friends etc…..

                         “Keep GOOGLE Alerts for Openings”

What about fresher’s?

 Don’t worry; connect with your friends those who are working from K.G to P.G. you need to explore maximum friends/connections so that it may helpful for tomorrow.

Create one group and add all your friends, relatives, seniors to that group (those who are helpful to you) and then forward your resume to them. We all may think that after sending a resume our job has completed. No, not at all after sending your CV/Resume only the actual job starts i.e frequently keep in touch with them and send your updated resume(at least for one month).

Don’t feel shy that what I am doing? Am I begging for a job? Don’t worry, think about your career. Before career, asking for reference/job is very negligible. Once you have get in to the company you have your own path and career.

Many people have very good knowledge and don’t have jobs because lack of reference or proper connections. Once, you are in job don’t forget to help others.

Another way to establish connections with unknown people is through “LinkedIn” create a profile and update all your skills then mingle with different groups.

“Friends, finally I want to say one thing don’t lose your hopes and confidence.

                                         “Don’t give up”  

I think you all have attended two digit companies only (0-99) for that reason only if you lose your hopes then who are going to attend all “Fortune 500 companies” including MNC’s.

                               “BRUSH UP YOUR SKILLS”

Avoid these things:

If you fail in one interview, don’t feel that I don’t know anything / this is my last interview / this is the last thing in my life / I don’t like to attend for other interviews / I  think I won’t get any job keep all your odds aside.  I think you are the luckiest person because you have learned something new from it & you may have better future/big company offers are awaiting ahead.

I would like to share few materials which are helpful to fresher’s…….!!!!

           1)    Resume [Download from Here]

           2)    Cover Letter [Download from Here]

           3)    Interview Questions [Download from Here]

           4)    Some Companies List [Download from Here]

           5)    Some HR Email ID/ Contact List [Download from Here]

Friends, please watch these Videos you come to know the Facts

           i)   My Last Interview [Click Here To Watch]

       ii)  Over Confidence [Click Here to Watch]

                There is a better future ahead, keep on trying