Friday, April 19, 2013

How to identify fake companies?

Dear Freshers,                          how to identify  fake companies?...Here is the way to find Fake Companies.By this way you can easily find that company is registered/not.So you protect you  from fake companies & their Job offers.You also save your valuable time & money.

To Check this : Click here

How to use this ?

              This is very easy method,If you know the company name Just enter in the Company/LLP field and make search.If that is registered company in ministry of corporate you will get the name list.If that is a fake company you will get a message like "No matches found"

(E.x)  If the comany is genuine and registered one you will get like this:

If the company is  fake & not registered you will get like this

We hope this tool is very useful to all Job seekers.So make use of this and share with your friends.