Saturday, June 19, 2010

Questions Not to Ask an Interviewer

Don't ask about salary in the initial interview with any firm or legal employer. There will be time enough to ask about that later when they make you an offer.

How hard do associates have to work? If you want to find out the answer without asking, there are other ways. Try to schedule any second interview with a firm or agency during the late afternoon. The chances are you'll still be there at 6:30, and you can see for yourself how busy the place is. Another way to find out is to ask a young associate (during the second interview) or perhaps an especially pleasant first interviewer, "How would you describe the life of a young associate at your firm?" Hopefully, they will bring up the subject voluntarily.

Do young associates have to attend a lot of mandatory social activities? An important question, but don't ask it. Again, hope it comes up in a second interview.