Friday, June 25, 2010

BODY LANGUAGE,Body Language – How to read others’ thoughts by their gestures

Allan Pease: “As a young boy, I was always aware that what people said was not always what they meant or were feeling and that it was…”

Everybody knows someone who can walk into a room full of people and, within minutes, give an accurate description about the relationships and feelings those people are experiencing. This ability to read a person’s attitudes and thoughts by their behaviour was the original communication system used by humans before spoken language evolved.

The original book was intended as a working manual for sales people, managers, negotiators and executives and has sold 5 million copies worldwide. The Definitive Book of Body Language is the result of over 30 years of involvement in this field and has been expanded in such a way that any person, regardless of his or her vocation or position in life, can use it to obtain a better understanding of life’s most complex event – a face-to-face encounter with another person.