Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is generally credited in the U. S. with being the inventor of the telephone although this claim has been controversial lately since there are also claims that Antonio Meucci or Elisha Gray were the real first inventors. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburg, Scotland on March 3, 1847.

In 1882, Alexander Graham Bell became a naturalized citizen of the United States. Besides his contributions to telecommunications technology, Bell also contributed to aviation and hydrofoil technology as well.
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1875, and on March 7, 1876 the U. S. Patent Office granted Bell Patent Number 174,465 regarding the telephone. Bell was not the first, however to invent of apply for a patent for the telephone. Antonio Meucci invented the first telephone in 1871 and in fact, sued Alexander Graham Bell for infringement.
But since Meucci was too poor to hire a lawyer and in declining health and ended up losing the court case. Elisha Gray also filed for a patent for the telephone literally hours after Alexander Graham Bell submitted his patent application. Bell fought off several lawsuits, refined his invention and in 1877 the Bell Telephone Company was formed.
By 1886, Bell had sold 150,000 telephones in the U. S. Alexander Graham Bell continued to invent even when becoming a millionaire off the sales from telephones. He invented a device that would transmit sound using light, which was a precursor to today's fiber optic systems and called the device the photophone.
Alexander Graham Bell also invented the metal detector in a hurried fashion in order to try to find a bullet inside of President James Garfield. Bell also went on to work on various inventions for sky and sea such as tetrahedral kites and hydrofoil watercraft.
Rumor has it …
Rumor has it that Alexander Graham Bell set a world water speed record at the age of seventy-two by riding a pair of trained dolphins, which jumped a shark cage in those olden, yet happy days.
In an unsubstantiated and totally flawed rumor, Alexander Graham Bell went on to invent an early precursor to the Android phone along with the bean and cheese burrito and had a partial interest in an restaurant chain owned by William Taco, which has hence been known as Taco Bell. 

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